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We welcome La Voūte (Montreal)

The vaults of the Royal Bank were in the second basement of the building. Reachable by the main staircase or the magnificent bronze elevators, one was for the use of the bank while the other was dedicated to customers. It was said that the Queen kept her jewels in the vault for many years. The clients who entrusted their fortune inside, enjoyed the best vaults that were made at that time: they were steel reinforced concrete and armored.

In 1928, means put in place to keep coffers safe are a recent innovation. Indeed, the very fact of being able to open the doors from the inside, made it possible for the people who inadvertently locked themselves in to get out easily. This resulted in fewer and fewer security personnel on duty due to the reliability of the vaults.

To access the vaults, one had to open their impressive doors; which weighed no less than thirty tons, making them the heaviest in the world! 

The vaults possessed microphones and a telephone connection which allowed for them to be taped, even when they were shut, which allowed information to be sent directly to the relevant authorities upon necessity, enabling them to operate quickly.

It is in 2002, years after the Royal Bank had vacated the place that a group of investors acquires the building. Mr. Georges Coulombe and his team then take charge of the building. The visionary business welcomed new tenants, restoring life to the place that now sees a substantial customer base.

This is also where ‘Crew Collective & Café’ has settled. All of the ancient architecture’s elements have been conserved. This gorgeous 12 000 square feet café provides co-working space where visitors have the chance to enjoy delicious dishes and lovely hot drinks.

Inside La Voûte, the lighting is subtle and the club’s design adds a modern element that reflects the elegance of the historic building. The team at La Voûte has remained loyal to the image of the building and has arranged the territory to remain authentic. For example, the imposing doors of the vaults were preserved, in tribute to their history. La Voûte’s impressive doors have now reopened and make is a very special place in this world. 


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