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All the way from New York, CID

GRAMMY Award winning CID (“Best Remixed Recording”) has garnered attention from industry veterans like Kaskade and Tiesto, with booked gigs spanning the globe – from Las Vegas to Barcelona.

CID (New York)

The Queens (New York) based DJ/producer is ready to stake his claim on the world of dance music. As a young Carlos Cid his passion for music was evident early on at age 11, venturing on a city bus to traverse the boroughs of New York, just to spend his days scouring through new music at his favourite record shop. It wasn’t long before some of New York’s finest DJs became increasingly curious about this enthusiastic young kid, who was seamlessly browsing the same records that they’d been spinning at clubs the night before.

CID's love for DJing became the catalyst for his natural progression into the world of music production. It soon became evident that CID was not only a talented DJ, but also an in-demand engineer & producer. His striking and infectious productions continue to capture the gaze of many of the industry’s top personnel including Kaskade, Galantis, Oliver Heldens, Tiesto, Cedric Gervais, Don Diablo, Spinnin Records, Protocol Recordings, Size X Records, and many more. It is an exciting stage in the career of CID, with an arsenal of explosive new material on the horizon set for release, CID is set to take his burning ambition to the next level!


Catch CID on 8th September 2018 for a night with full on good fun and good music!

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Sep 14, 2023

"All the way from New York, CID's beats transport us to a musical journey like no other. Their electrifying tunes are like a collage of emotions, and each track feels like a unique work of art. These melodies are as captivating are stock photos copyrighted for their distinctive brilliance, making CID's music a treasure for the ears."

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